Friday, May 30, 2008

How'd he get here?

Short version:
Harper Josiah Snare born on May 29 in Grapevine, Texas at 11:18am via c-section weighing 7lbs 9oz and 20 inches long. Brown hair and blue eyed gift from God!!

Long version:
We arrived at Baylor Grapevine hospital at 5am on the 29th and we were met by a very prepared staff and ready room to deliver Harper by induction since he remained vertex, or head down. By 6am I was connected to an IV, pitocin and antibiotic and began the morning dilated at 3cm. Barrett and I passed the time by watching one our favorite movies "The Italian Job" and dozing as our nurse would come by and periodically raise the amount of pitocin in the IV.

Around 8am my doctor came by and did an ultrasound to confirm his position and let us know that I was now dilated to 4cm but that she was sending one of her colleagues over to break my water a little later.

At 10:15, they broke my water and made sure that Harper's head dropped with the release of fluids and now was dilated to 5cm. They let me know that the epidural was now available, but since I was so comfortable, still not feeling the contractions, I decided to wait it out a bit. After about 30 minutes, I noticed that Harper's heart rate was not registering on the monitor. Barrett saw me notice and asked if I was ok and before I could answer, the nurse came in and had me lay on my side as she was watching the monitors from the nurse station. His heart rate began to register again and now on my side I began to feel the contractions intensely. The anesthesiologist came by to introduce himself and give a rundown of the procedure for getting an epidural and how it would work if I ended up needing a c-section. As he left, the contractions became more and more intense and closer together, so I let my nurse know I was ready for her to order the epidural. She got the fluids ready for it and had me turn to the other side to try and get a better mark on Harper's heart rate which was dropping each time I had a contraction. She had already contacted my doctor to let her know and proceeded to follow the doctor's order to check my progress to see if I was ready to deliver. So, before the epidural could be administered, she discovered a prolapsed cord and went into action immediately to get a crew of about 10 people in my room and me wheeled out of the room and to the operating room in about 45 seconds. She told Barrett he had to stay behind because I was going to have an emergency c-section. They wheeled me down the hall with the nurse on my bed with me while she pressed Harper's head with her hand to keep it off of the cord. As they jogged me to the operating room and had she and I switch beds, everyone sprung into action communicating back and forth with medical jargon. My doctor was already there and put her hand on my arm to let me know she was indeed there by my side. The anesthesiologist and his assistant got the general anesthesia ready and then I was out... nurse returned 10 minutes after leaving Barrett in the delivery room alone to let him know that Harper was fine, 7lbs 9oz and that I was fine.

...they sent Harper off to get a bath, trim his cord and run their tests.

...2 hours later I was finally coming back around to see my boys and receive the news that everything went smoothly and we were fine and in the postpartum room.

I finally got to see my little prince who was wide awake and staring right at me from his cradle. My new nurses came to take my blood pressure which just looked like numbers to me as I was still quite groggy at best. Apparently, when your bottom number is three digits, it isn't good. Because of this, they has to switch us rooms back over to the labor and delivery wing to be able to monitor the IV, the antibiotic from the c-section and now magnesium to lower my blood pressure, which they weren't sure why had spiked. The good news was that I felt fine, Harper was great and we had a new room with 5 windows looking out onto a beautiful day.

I struggled to stay awake through the day from some of the medicine they gave me and I'm sure just from the trauma of all that had happened. Barrett was a champ and helped me stay awake through feedings for Harper and getting me plenty of fluids.

Friday was much easier and finally got to take out all my wires- from catheter to IV and move back over to the postpartum room.

We ended the night with Harper having the most successful feeding yet and ready for some shut-eye.

We'll be heading home on Sunday afternoon. Thanks for all your prayers and words of encouragement!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Can you believe it?

My final trip to the doctor's office was by no means a sad one today.  Barrett and Whitty came along to see Harper Josiah on the ultrasound one more time...and what did they see?  Mister Harper all squished inside my belly with his head down!  How?  God is good!  

This was the first time that the ultrasound tech had a hard time zeroing in on his face because there was no more room.  We did get to see some "rolls" on his side and on his arms and legs...she is convinced that he is a big boy.  For sure I know he is very strong and very determined!

We are praying for green lights all the way...holding a healthy and happy Harper in our arms on Thursday and watching him grow outside the womb still under the covering of a sovereign Lord who has been his support and will remain so as his name defines Josiah as "Yahweh supports!"  

Thank you all so much for your prayers, phone calls, text messages, email and comments of support and encouragement along the way.  Our hearts are at peace with what the Lord will continue to do and pray that His work has been a living testimony for others to see what an awesome God we serve.  

We'll be back to post with pictures of our blessed answer to prayer in a few days!

Friday, May 23, 2008


So, what is our current status with the arrival of Harper Josiah?  
On Tuesday, I found out that Harper had indeed turned around again to breech.  Quite an accomplishment since the sonographer got his estimated weight at 8lbs 9oz already.  I met with my doctor today to discus next week and here is the rundown.
  • Tuesday- one more NST and ultrasound- also checking to see if he is head down or still breech
  • If he is still breech then my Induction appointment for 5am Thursday, the 29th, becomes a C-section appointment
  • When I arrive at the hospital on Thursday, they will do another ultrasound to confirm his position.  If he isn't breech, she'll decide based on the NST whether laboring is ok or to just do a C-section.
  • We were encouraged when we left the office at her ultimate concern being for baby Harper and any situation that may arise with his cord, we trust the Lord in all of this, and just ask that You be praying for His protection and our patience in the delay of knowing the details.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Whittaker's birthday..and the present you didn't get to see

Whittaker's party was a huge success! Thank you to all of you who came to our house to help us get prepared for the party and helping us get Harpers room together. We could not have done it without each one of you.

As Melanie and I were getting into bed last night we were recounting the guests that were here yesterday and the final count that were here at one time was 39 including babies. It was fun had by all. The men were entertained by playing ladder golf or "flingo" as some call it, while the ladies enjoyed the fellowship and watching the Cuellar boys show off their finest plumber impressions.

Thank you for all of you who came to Whittaker's party and for all of the gifts. Thank you for sharing in our life and celebrating a very special day with us.

After everyone left (because of the chaos it would have caused had we done it while everyone was here) Melanie and I gave Whitty his big gift. If you know Whitty there is only one gift that could have completed his special day...DRUMS! He loves them and to tell you the truth we were pretty impressed with them ourselves. Whitty ended the night in tears because of his separation from the drum kit but I was awakened this morning bright and early by Whitty with sticks in hand telling me to "Get up Dad! Get up!" shortly followed by some intricate poly-rhythms of his own creative imagination.

Here is a picture of his new treasure and a short video of him wearing them out (some how the audio got off when transferring the overdubbing, we'll save that for the studio:).
Love you all, and thank you again!
Barrett, Melanie and Whittaker

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How Blessed...

It has been a busy last few weeks, but only because we are so blessed!  
  • We celebrated our 3rd Cinco de Mayo with the Mullins Family chowing on some Tex-Mex and having some needed fellowship!
  • I've finally gotten a little proficient with the sewing machine, but unfortunately disabled Jessica Rolf's serger...great excuse to hang out with such an incredible woman!
  • We enjoyed some needed fellowship time with the Cross Timbers Keller staff and spouses (child free) at the Kuykendall's and had many, many laughs!
  • Barrett and I played the "Newlywed" game at a wedding shower for the Denton campus worship leader and his fiance.  It was fun to be embarrassed at some of the questions and answers, but so encouraging to see that missing a few didn't send us into a battle of the ages with anyone else or with ourselves!
  • Whittaker experienced his first and second trips to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday for two birthday parties...he was completely amazed and is eager to return to play and dance with the mechanical mouse.  Happy Birthday Michael and Bella!
  • I enjoyed a Mother's Day with my hubby and son, taking advantage of a pretty day to spend some time together out in the sun.  Although, I did cry my eyes out at church during the ENTIRE service...thanks once again Pastor Toby for a tearful Mother's Day with your beautiful message! check it out online at
  • Monday was spent in getting some final preparations done for Harper's arrival in no more than a few weeks.  Good friends joined me to help with some laundry and reorganizing.  Thanks Megan, Cheryl and Michelle for your help and for Kayleigh, Allyson and Victoria for letting Whitty play his heart out with you!
  • This morning, I got to talk on the phone with my dad who I haven't talked to since a surprise phone call on Christmas Day.  He and Mamo arrived in Miami yesterday and are traveling on to Oklahoma today.  We are so excited to see them and celebrate Whittaker's third birthday this weekend with them!
  • I'm off to get ready for another trip to the doctor's office for yet another NST and a sonogram to see my baby Harper in my belly for one of the last few times before getting to meet him face to face.  The Lord has been so faithful in growing him and calming our fears.  Last Tuesday he was weighing in at 6lbs 11oz, which is what Whittaker weighed when he was born.  We just need to pray that Harper will turn back head down and believe that the Mighty God we serve will be faithful to provide!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Proudly Introducing Whittaker Snare...

After a beautifully sunny day, Whittaker decided to pick up his guitar and went to sit outside and just strum away as the sun was fading. Barrett moved quickly to get the camera and captured a moment that we will forever cherish because we can share it with those of you who also love our son for being a unique creation of the Lord.