Thursday, August 11, 2011

Finding Forgiveness and Restoration...

Found yourself on the receiving end of a heap of news or circumstance that was never on your bucket list?  Or, were you the one holding the bucket and pouring out contents you never wanted in your bucket to begin with and onto the one who you dreamed that you'd always protect and cherish?  Whether it is a recent event, or years ago, you probably still find yourself spinning at times and wondering if this is just your road, worse yet, your destination, and you are just yearning for more than an encouraging word, you need a drop of HOPE.

There are times that I have experienced disappointment or near devastation in my own marriage that my first reaction has honestly not been to turn to the One who can spring a hope that does not fail, instead, my initial response is to connect with someone who has been through something similar and is surviving and thriving: to have a face to face conversation with someone who can relate to the surroundings of the hole I have found myself in but is closer to the surface and has a broader perspective than the narrow view I have from the bottom.  However, through the years I have learned a little more about how the Lord works, and works without fail when I yield to Him first.  Yield to Him and His Word, and as He speaks and leads through the Holy Spirit, He will provide someone who has done the same and has the broader perspective to confirm exactly what He has been speaking to my heart.  And, that is just what He has done time and time again through my friend Cindy Beall.  She has just published her first book about how she found herself on the receiving end of a heart wrenching confession from her husband about a pornography addiction, multiple affairs, and a woman who was pregnant with his baby, yet today their relationship has been supernaturally restored to better than new: Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken.  And although I haven't found myself with the same circumstance, I know well what it feels like to have trust broken in marriage and floundered for years trying to find a way to piece it back together on my own strength.  Once I surrendered to the One who could show me the way, He has brought continued hope from a woman who speaks His truth to glorify God and encourages others searching for the restorative healing that only He can bring.

Reading through the book is like sitting down to have a face-to-face conversation with Cindy on her back porch, coffee with yummy creamer in hand, and a box full of tissues on the table nearby.  She reveals the experience in emotional detail and yet stands firm on the foundation of God's Word of how His truth steadied her and even held her in her times of utmost need.  She consistently points the reader back to the infallible truth that you have to look to and depend on the Lord.  Its not a "How To..." book, as many who have found themselves in a marriage where deception has been revealed know that no circumstance surrounding the marriage is the same, but her writing rests in the promise that "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever" and His PROMISE never fails.

Laughing, crying and inspiring hope for what can be ahead, you'll want to read this and have a few copies on hand to give some hope through a woman's story that ultimately leaves you in awe of how nothing is too big for the Lord!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Love to share with you...

Dear Friends and Family,
I was first introduced to Pastor Bethuel Dongo, a native of Uganda, more than 3 years ago while he was in the US to spread the word about Uganda Buyamba Outreach, a school and orphanage in the capital city Kampala. “Buyamba” in Lugandan, the native language of Uganda, literally means “help”. The orphanage was started to reach out to children who are impoverished, abused, and forgotten, as well as children who are victims of Africa’s AIDS pandemic. The orphan population in Uganda is growing at an alarming rate due to AIDS and neglect. Children, when left alone, turn to drugs, crime and prostitution in order to survive – we all know that is not the childhood we would want for our children. The mission of the outreach is to love and care for these children as young as 2 years old (like my youngest son, Harper) to high school aged and help them get an education so they can rise above their current circumstances. The daily care, support, love and education of these orphans is making a difference as these children experience the love of Christ.

I have had the extreme privilege and honor of serving Pastor Dongo and these amazing children since my first visit in 2007 where I first saw and experienced many things that have forever challenge my heart, attitude, and my “American Way” of thinking. I have learned a great deal about the power of love and determination through Pastor Dongo and his staff and what can be done if you have belief that Jesus cares about the condition of all humankind: schools can be built, children can be clothed and fed, and more importantly, children can be loved by the Lord through the care and support of others, even people they have never met and will never see. This can happen with your help. In a poor country like Uganda, a little can go a long way in changing the direction of a child’s life.

This year will mark my 3rd trip to Kampala, Uganda to serve and love on the children and staff and I have been very fortunate enough to have my trip paid for each time. Last year I set a goal to raise $1000 for my trip in order to purchase supplies in preparation, for expenses that arose en-route, and to be able to give where needs arose during the 2 weeks I spent there. One of the unexpected needs arose as we loaded the buses to take the kids to camp and had hundreds more children than expected. At the first evening meal, there was not enough food to serve many of the kids who had not yet been through the food line. An alternative plan went into action, using some of the rations for another meal to give those children something to eat for the night. As a group, we were able to collaborate funds to make sure that did not happen again. Many of you helped achieved that and more with your help last year and I was able to be the hands that linked your heart to theirs in meeting those needs. I was also able to make a cash donation to Pastor Dongo, telling him that “this gift was from people that loved him,” where he was able to make up for the sponsorships of some of the students so that the students could finish out their commitments. The appreciation that I saw in his eyes at that moment was one that I will never forget.

Want to know how you can help

  • The first way is to commit to pray for me for my trip as well as my family who will be staying at home (my 5 year old, Whittaker, will start kindergarten a few days after my trip begins).
  • Another way is to gather any pillowcases, bias tape, or ribbon and send them to my home address listed below- my wife is helping with The Pillowcase Project started by one of our friends who traveled with our group last year. To learn more about The Pillowcase Project, visit the website at:
  • The third way is to donate financially. This year I have set a new goal to raise $2000, that is double what was raised last year. Many of you may never get the opportunity to go to Uganda, by donatinggathering praying you play a huge part in changing the lives and stories of thousands of children by giving back out of what God has given to you. No gift is insignificant. If you find it in your heart to assist the God Cares orphanage with a financial donation, please make your donation payable to Barrett Snare and send it to:

Barrett Snare

2525 Florence Rd
Keller, TX 76262

I understand the responsibility I have been given to care for these children. These are difficult times for many people and I would like to kindly and humbly ask for your help for the program in any way you can, knowing that prayers for a safe journey and return are also very much appreciated. Any financial donations received will be used to purchase items from soccer balls, clothes, shoes, (a prized possession for these children) to books, games and other essential items. Additional funds will go to the Orphanage and be used to buy medical supplies, HIV testing kits and toward a new high school with boarding that they are currently building. Pastor Dongo is one of my heroes and I completely trust his management of the dollars you give. I have seen his faithfulness with donations and financial management and experienced his commitment to meeting the needs of orphan children over his own.

The dates for our trip this year are August 19-30th. I will be keeping a journal and taking photographs and video during our trip and those will be posted when I return on my blog and social media accounts. If you would like to be included in those communications, please ensure I have your correct contact information if you have a twitter, facebook, or vimeo account. Thank you so very much for your kind and generous heart. Please visit the website at

Since my trip in 2007, I have been documenting what I have experienced in Uganda which you can read and watch here:

Thank you for your help, time and prayerful consideration,
Barrett Snare
Worship Pastor
Cross Timbers Community Church
Keller TX

Monday, April 19, 2010


I wanted to let you know about our upcoming women's event, Unveiled. It is going to be an incredible night with some very special guests. Two of the girls who have been rescued from the brothels in India will be joining us! We will have the honor of praying for these ladies that night. You will also have the chance to worship, see the Goodnight Red Light film, and participate in a silent auction that will benefit the Red Light Rescue project. 

We are also in need of additional silent auction items. If you have something to donate, would be willing to purchase an item for the auction, or would like to ask local businesses to donate an item, please contact me before April 26th.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Women's Conference

You are invited to experience a
time for praise and healing as
we learn about how and why
to hold fast to Jesus with
guest speaker Cindy Beall.

April 17, 2010
8:30am- 3:30pm
Cross Timbers Community Church- Keller Campus
2525 Florence Rd- Roanoke, TX 76262

for more information about Cindy Beall, visit